WoR available on Amazon sites

As of today, June 9th, Waves of Reprisal is available for purchase at every Amazon site on the net. The Kindle edition will set you back $3.49 USD, which I biasedly think is a good deal for a professionally edited, 100K+ word novel. Samples are available at each Amazon site. Here is a selection of links to major English-speaking Amazon country portals:

If not a fan of Amazon, you can check out the other distributors of Waves of Reprisal in the Completed Works page.


About Malcolm Little

A native of British Columbia, my interests are diverse: Working with information technologies, pursuing a second degree in applied geography, and delving into character-driven stories. My multifaceted life experiences are evident in the stories Iwrite, where balancing the hard and the soft sides of the genre are of utmost importance. My first published novel, "Waves of Reprisal", is hopefully the first of many to come. Indeed, ideas for both stand-alone and series science fiction have gestated inside my consciousness for many years. It's time to let fingers crystallize those ideas into prose and dialogue. Recently my writing skills have extended into the realm of peer-reviewed scholarly articles, with published works appearing in Nature and Canadian Geographic. From time to time I might share interesting tidbits from my ongoing research.
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