Playing the Greatest Game novella released today

My first novella, titled Playing the Greatest Game, has just been released across the multitude of major ebook distribution sites. Playing the Greatest Game was a effort of love that germinated fast and furiously over the summer months. As with my other published story Waves of Reprisal, this one was an idea that brewed just under the surface of my consciousness for years. Now that I know I have what it takes to shape my concepts into finished stories, Playing the Greatest Game came to fruition with much greater ease. I am sure it was the same with many authors after successfully realizing their debut novel. I just hope I never endure substantial writer’s block.

The story within the pages of Playing the Greatest Game acts to set up a near future where the stakes are high, and the protagonists and antagonists are driven by differing flavors of idealism. It is a glimpse into a pivotal moment in the lives of a powerless young couple, who will come to be granted immense power by a transcendent, artificial creature. I intended for the narrative of the novella to be a taut thriller, filled with suspense that would whiten the knuckles of its readers; I believe I achieved that goal.


Cover for PtGG (courtesy Diverse Pixel)

Thanks to those who supported me throughout the entire process. For PtGG, I engaged the services of a different group of freelancers: The editor, Kelly Hartigan of XterraWeb, graciously schooled me on my grammar mistakes (for some reason, I kept adding a possessive apostrophe to a certain character). Cover artist Yvonne Less of Diverse Pixel was extremely accommodating, constantly revising the cover image until I was happy. I thank them both and, as with my crew for Waves of Reprisal, highly recommend their freelance services to any and all authors.

Check out Playing the Greatest Game, including links to where it can be purchased, on its dedicated page at the top menu bar.


About Malcolm Little

A native of British Columbia, my interests are diverse: Working with information technologies, pursuing a second degree in applied geography, and delving into character-driven stories. My multifaceted life experiences are evident in the stories Iwrite, where balancing the hard and the soft sides of the genre are of utmost importance. My first published novel, "Waves of Reprisal", is hopefully the first of many to come. Indeed, ideas for both stand-alone and series science fiction have gestated inside my consciousness for many years. It's time to let fingers crystallize those ideas into prose and dialogue. Recently my writing skills have extended into the realm of peer-reviewed scholarly articles, with published works appearing in Nature and Canadian Geographic. From time to time I might share interesting tidbits from my ongoing research.
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