The Greatest Game novel released today!

My newest novel, The Greatest Game, has just been released across the multitude of major eBook distribution sites, most notably Amazon, Google Play, and Smashwords. Continuing the story of the Veerstras established in the prequel novella Playing the Greatest Game, this full-length tale introduces new characters, exciting locales, and intrepid themes unraveling throughout a pulse-pounding plot. Check out The Greatest Game, including links to where it can be purchased, on its dedicated page at the top menu bar.

The Greatest Game involved an unprecedented amount of preliminary work. An enormous amount of research went into the geopolitical, sociological, and STEM aspects of the story. Laying out the groundwork (character studies, plot outline, historical preamble, descriptions of settings) prior to writing a single word took months.


Cover art for TGG, courtesy AndrewGraphics

Greatest Game expands hugely on the setup established in the novella. I tried my damnedest to build a believable, internally consistent near future ruled by an omnipotent AI. The protagonists and antagonists flow around said world, exercising as much power as they can to reshape or maintain the status quo. I did not neglect action, but felt it needed to have an impact by being in the right place at the right time, given unfolding circumstances unfolding. As a writer, I have certainly progressed. I am more at ease with my style, yet allow it to evolve from professional feedback and ongoing autodidactic efforts. Chicago is becoming second nature to me, drilled into my cranium through dozens of hours of drafting and studying.

Thanks to those who supported me throughout the entire process. For TGG, I engaged the services of my reliable, thorough copyeditor pal Keith Morrill of Little City Editing; he caught my frequent passive-active voice mistakes and my penchant for waiving instead of waving. Cover artist Andrew Hess of AndrewGraphics was accommodating and collaborative, constantly revising the cover image with me until I was happy. Andrew is a magician with Photoshop, I a mere apprentice. I thank them both and, as with other freelancers I have worked with, highly recommend their services to any and all authors, especially indie authors.

Right now, Greatest Game is available for purchase as an ebook on Amazon, Google Play, and Smashwords. Coming very soon to Apple iBooks, Kobo, Lulu, and Nook. In the next couple months, I will be running giveaways on Goodreads of the pending paperback version. Stay tuned!


About Malcolm Little

A native of British Columbia, my interests are diverse: Working with information technologies, pursuing a second degree in applied geography, and delving into character-driven stories. My multifaceted life experiences are evident in the stories Iwrite, where balancing the hard and the soft sides of the genre are of utmost importance. My first published novel, "Waves of Reprisal", is hopefully the first of many to come. Indeed, ideas for both stand-alone and series science fiction have gestated inside my consciousness for many years. It's time to let fingers crystallize those ideas into prose and dialogue. Recently my writing skills have extended into the realm of peer-reviewed scholarly articles, with published works appearing in Nature and Canadian Geographic. From time to time I might share interesting tidbits from my ongoing research.
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