A brief list of story ideas I am cooking up:


      • War of Restoration, the sequel to Waves of Reprisal. Further mysteries uncovered, including how the Androsynth AI’s developed, how and why certain mammal’s intelligence was altered, and who is truly behind the drive to annihilate humankind.

Novellas/Short Stories

      • A cabal of autocrats, who have seized control of the United States in a coup d’etat, watch in vain as their most prized secret police officer becomes increasingly disillusioned with the new state ideology. The cabal hatches a plan – utilizing a shackled AI – to frame state enemies for the demise of the officer’s loved ones.
      • Post-apocalyptic tale that involves time travel where the protagonist meets his older self without knowing his true identity. The young counterpart is thrust into a subservient role, intended to help his elder self achieve unknown ends. Themes include acquisition of power, corruption, Machiavellianism, nature vs. nurture, moral relativism.

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