Over the past few years, I have been engaged as a research assistant for two universities in B.C. My initial education was in Information Technology, and I have since diversified into Applied Geography. The following are selections from the research I have conducted, which has tapped into the realms of both physical and human geography. Feel free to examine the linked contents.

Physical Geography

A Nature paper I coauthored about the physical properties & fluid dynamics of the flow of a highly channelized bedrock river: Flow in Bedrock Canyons

A report I was commissioned to write for the City of Maple Ridge, investigating the hydrochemical and sedimentary properties of Kanaka Creek, an important salmon-bearing watershed: Kanaka Creek Watershed Report

A project looking into the effects of Sea-level rise and intense cyclones on the coastlines of Odisha, India. The research involves analysis of satellite imagery, participatory dialogue with Odishan residents, and synthesis of climate change and risk management literature.

Human Geography

I assisted my good colleague Dr. Stephen Peplow in data gathering and analysis of the evolution of railways in Victorian Britain. This work was towards his Doctoral dissertation at UBC: Agricultural Rent in the Early Victorian Era

Ongoing work with Dr. Peplow involves our study of Delta, B.C.’s land use changes over the past half-century. Delta is prime agricultural land, and additionally serves as a migratory corridor for various species of waterfowl: Delta Land Use plus Delta Crop Categories

Newest research involves the analysis of conservation tillage methods in B.C., and how to best approach farmer adoption strategies. Conservation tillage differs from traditional tillage in many ways, one being that it reduces greenhouse gas emissions. My poster presentation for the CAG 2015 conference: Factors Contributing to the Take-Up of Conservation Tillage


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