Waves of Reprisal

Published in May 2015, Waves of Reprisal is a tale of an intense struggle between an unlikely trio of travelers and a band of genocidal raiders. Advanced technologies clash amidst a regressed, rustic future where humankind drifts into obscurity. To prevent our extinction, the harried trio must solve an ancient mystery that can turn back the tide of darkness.

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Official Synopsis:

Hanyma, a spirited young woman from the remote village of Kepler, is at a crossroads in her life. She wants to explore the unfamiliar, wide-open country outside her croft. But rumblings of dark, inexorable forces terrorizing the sparsely-populated continent dampen her aspirations.
That was before devastation gripped her. Now, driven by a wandering quest for vengeance, the headstrong survivalist struggles to combat a band of vicious marauders while simultaneously trying to comprehend all the strange phenomena discovered amidst ruins of technologically-advanced precursors.
Before long, Hanyma is thrust into circumstances beyond her ability to control, and she must team with an unlikely ally from a far-gone past who is determined to complete a mission of global importance. Whether that mission succeeds or not may well depend on the callow wayfarer from Kepler. Can Hanyma put aside her bloodlust when the fate of humanity beckons? Will it matter when pitted against the crushing weight of a powerful, inscrutable enemy?

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